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Global Classroom Sessions enhance interpersonal effectiveness in diversity

Global Classroom Sessions enhance interpersonal effectiveness in diversity

In the ongoing effort to enrich the academic experience of students in UHE3152 Interpersonal Effectiveness, an elective course offered by the Centre for Modern Languages (CML), Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA), the Global Classroom sessions continue to showcase a rich tapestry of perspectives on diversity. 

This course is specifically designed for students who wish to improve their ability to interact with others in their personal and professional lives. Diversity is one of the key topics covered during Substitute Blended Learning (SBL) weeks, making it particularly fitting for students to experience this topic during the independent study weeks.

Through these sessions, students gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding diversity and inclusion, enhancing their ability to navigate and contribute positively to diverse environments.

Global Classroom Sessions enhance interpersonal effectiveness in diversity

The course instructors, Abdul Jalil Abdul Rahim, Dr. Ruhil Amal Azmuddin, and Amy Zulaikha Mohd Ali, have consistently enriched the curriculum by inviting diverse voices. Last semester’s session featured Hajar A. Bakar, a Malaysian serving as Principal Electrical Engineer at AECOM in Sydney, Australia. Meanwhile, previous sessions included  Muhammad Syahid Abdul Adhim Muhamad Syuhadi, a Malaysian working as Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Engineer at Rolls-Royce Plc, Defence Aerospace, Bristol in the United Kingdom, and Professor Lon Appleby from Durham College, Canada. These sessions have not only broadened the students' horizons but also provided them with invaluable networking opportunities and insights into global practices. By bringing in such varied perspectives, the course has significantly enhanced the students' understanding of global issues and the importance of multicultural competence in their future careers.

This semester, we welcomed distinguished guests from Dallas College, USA, to engage with students on the critical topic of diversity. The session, held on 9 May 2024, featured Dr. Anwarjon Akhmedov and Audrey Paul, who shared their insights on fostering inclusive environments in educational and professional settings. The session was moderated by Keshavarani Palaiswaran, a student enrolled in this course, who demonstrated impressive skills in facilitating international discourse. Ain Nibras Ahmad Sabri, another student, emceed the event, highlighting the course’s commitment to empowering students to host and manage international forums effectively. To further empower students, the instructors also encouraged them to create the event poster, prepare the questions for guest speakers, as well as moderate the sessions. This approach not only enables students to apply the skills they have learned in the course but also provides them with opportunities to shine, thereby boosting their confidence.

Feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive. Ungku Nayli Khairiah Ungku Jamaludin said, the recent Global Classroom session was truly eye-opening. It provided me with invaluable exposure to diverse perspectives, enriching my understanding of global issues. Engaging with experts from Dallas College was a fantastic experience that deepened my appreciation for the complexities of diversity and inclusion.". Another student, Chiew Kah Heng added “I found the session incredibly inspiring and insightful. Hearing from Dr. Anwarjon Akhmedov and Audrey Paul on fostering inclusive environments was both enlightening and motivating. It was a great opportunity to see how diverse perspectives can enhance our interpersonal skills and prepare us for a globalised world.".

The initiative has been instrumental in nurturing a deeper understanding of diversity, preparing students to engage thoughtfully and effectively in a globalised world. The continued success of these sessions underscores the importance of diverse perspectives in enhancing interpersonal effectiveness and promoting global citizenship among students. The sessions have proven to be a vital component in equipping students with the skills necessary for meaningful interactions in an increasingly interconnected world. In the future, we hope to consistently collaborate with academics and industry partners to continue enriching students' experiences. By expanding our network and integrating more diverse perspectives, we aim to enhance the educational journey of our students, ensuring they are well-prepared to thrive in a globalised and multicultural society.

Global Classroom Sessions enhance interpersonal effectiveness in diversity

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Centre of Instructional Resources & e-Learning (CIReL) for their visionary initiative in developing this programme and for their ongoing recognition of our efforts in implementing Global Classroom sessions within our courses. CIReL's support and dedication have been instrumental in facilitating these enriching sessions, which significantly enhance our curriculum by providing students with invaluable opportunities to engage with diverse perspectives and global experts. Their commitment to fostering an innovative and inclusive learning environment is deeply appreciated and has greatly contributed to the success of our educational endeavours.

This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of UMPSA.

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By: Amy Zulaikha Mohd Ali, Abdul Jalil Abdul Rahim And Dr. Ruhil Amal Azmuddin, Centre For Modern Languages (CML)

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