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Fly High English Camp at RMAF Kuantan Air Base

PEKAN, 28 August 2023 - In a remarkable display of community spirit and educational outreach, the Malaysian Armed Forces Family Welfare Association (BAKAT) hosted the Fly High English Camp at the RMAF Kuantan Air Base on 28 August 2023. 

The camp, specifically designed for 80 children between the ages of 7 and 12, was crafted to enhance their English language skills while fostering self-confidence and honing their communication abilities. 

The camp was strategically scheduled during the school holidays, providing an ideal opportunity for the young participants to benefit from this distinctive educational experience.

The paramount objective of the camp was to refine the students' abilities to generate ideas by exploring the quintessential five Ws and one H (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) while also enhancing their presentation and speaking skills in English. 

Fly High English Camp at RMAF Kuantan Air Base

The organisers firmly believed that these skills would not only aid the children in their academic endeavours but also equip them with indispensable life skills. 

The Fly High English Camp was coordinated by Mursyafawati Sabuan, the coordinator of the Community Service Unit at the Centre for Modern Languages and it was initiated by Major Owi Eugene, Chairman of BAKAT Kuantan Air Base, and managed by Noor Suhaina Abd Azis from the Education Bureau of BAKAT.

A dedicated team of 13 associates from the Centre for Modern Languages volunteered as trainers and facilitators for the camp, ensuring that the children received personalised attention and guidance throughout the day. 

The 3-hour camp commenced with an invigorating 'Senam Riang' led by Mohd Edeazry Hamzah, a certified aerobic fitness instructor. 

This energetic start helped set the tone for the day and ensured that the young participants were ready to engage in a productive learning experience. 

Following the opening session, Amy Zulaikha led ice-breaking activities, designed to break down barriers and create a comfortable and interactive atmosphere for the students. 

The main lecture sessions were conducted by  Hanisah Kasbon and Shamsul Harbi, before the participants were organised according to their respective age groups.

The closing ceremony was graced by Associate Profesor Dr. Hafizoah Kassim, the advisor for the Community Service Unit.

She commended the initiative, highlighting the significance of community engagement and educational outreach. 

She also extended her heartfelt appreciation to all the volunteers, trainers, and organisers who were instrumental in making the camp a resounding success. 

To conclude the event on a high note, the UMPSA delegates, who played a crucial role in supporting the camp, were treated to a tour of the Kuantan Air Base hangar by armed forces personnel. 

This provided an exciting opportunity for them to witness the impressive infrastructure and operations of the RMAF Kuantan Air Base.

The Fly High English Camp at RMAF Kuantan Air Base exemplifies the power of community-driven educational initiatives and showcases the dedication of the Malaysian Armed Forces Family Welfare Association (BAKAT) to empower the younger generation with essential life skills. 

The children returned home with improved English language skills, newfound confidence, and a sense of unity and learning that contributed to the strength of their nation.

By: Amy Zulaikha Mohd Ali, Shamsul Harbi and Jamilah Bebe Mohamad.

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