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Pahang Cultural Icon Talk Programme ‘Siso Kopratasa: Dari Balok ke Pentas Seni’

PEKAN, 16 March 2023 - Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) organised a programme titled Pahang Cultural Icon Talk ‘Siso Kopratasa: Dari Balok ke Pentas Seni’ recently housed in the Executive Lounge, UMP Library.

The programme, which was co-organised by the Institute of Civilisation and Strategic Studies (ITKAS), UMP Sports & Culture Centre (PSK) and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) Cultural Centre, featured Tuan Syed Indra Syed Omar or better known as Siso Kopratasa as the main panel and UMP student Khairul Imran Ruslan as the moderator.

According to UMP ITKAS Director, Associate Professor Dr. Hasan Ahmad, this programme was organised as a platform to share Siso’s experiences and life journey as an art activist from Balok, Kuantan until he is famous.

“Throughout his career as an art activist, Siso has 36 years of experience as a lyricist, 30 years as a screenwriter, 25 years as a vocal arranger and 20 years as a performance panellist and screenwriter,” he said.

Associate Professor Dr.  Hasan also hoped that this programme would be the starting point for efforts to uplift and appreciate cultural icons, especially those from Pahang, so that they could be the reference for the younger generation today.

Meanwhile, for Siso, he had established Kopratasa with two other members in 1985.

To date, Siso has penned about 300 song lyrics using his own name.

This does not include lyrics registered under someone else’s name.

Pahang Cultural Icon Talk Programme ‘Siso Kopratasa: Dari Balok ke Pentas Seni’

He said Pahang has various artistic and dance heritage such as Zapin Pekan, Zapin Raub and Labi-Labi Dance.

“But it’s hard to showcase and pass on to a new generation because we don’t preserve it ourselves.

“More programmes of appreciation to all art activists who have been in this field for a long time need to be done so that they feel respected and encouraged to continue to thrive,” he said.

Siso also performed two of Kopratasa’s famous songs, ‘Permata untuk Isteri’ and ‘Masihkah Kau Ingat’, joined by Sani Sudin, one of Kopratasa’s members.

Also present were the Director of USIM Cultural Centre, Ismail Ahmed and Director of UMP Centre for Sports and Culture, Mohd Aznorizamin Ismail.

The programme was also attended by external agencies including Yayasan Pahang and the Malaysian Historical Society of Pahang Branch (PSMCP).

By: Muhammad Hafiz Aswad Ahmad Kamal, Institute of Civilisation and Strategic Studies (ITKAS)

Translation by: Dr.   Rozaimi  Abu  Samah, Engineering  College/Faculty   of  Chemical and Process Engineering Technology

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