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Meet and Greet for new international students enhances community bonds at UMPSA

PEKAN, 27 February 2024 - Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) organised a Meet and Greet programme for new international students to welcome new arrivals to the campus. 

This programme was aimed to ease the transition for international undergraduates, postgraduates, and mobility students into their new academic and cultural environment.

This initiative is part of UMPSA's efforts to introduce and support international students as they begin their studies at the institution.

In the arranged introductory session, international students received briefings on important matters and affairs during their time at UMPSA, presented by Mr. Muhammad Zufli Zuhari, Executive of the Centre for International Relations. 

The programme also offered an opportunity for international students to experience the cultural diversity and customs in Malaysia. 

Besides the briefing session, students participated in ice-breaking activities and recreational activities, utilising the campus facilities.

Director of the Centre for International Relations, Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Azmir Mohd Azhari said, by organising this programme, we hope to warmly welcome international students and provide them with the necessary support to succeed in their studies at UMPSA.
The Meet and Greet with new international student’s programme were held at the UMPSA Pekan and around the city of Kuantan, involving undergraduate, postgraduate, and mobility students.

Meet and Greet for new international students enhances community bonds at UMPSA

UMPSA welcomes all new international students and hopes their experience at the institution will be valuable and meaningful.

This programme offers various activities designed to introduce international students to different aspects of life at UMPSA and in the city of Kuantan. 

Through participation in briefing sessions, group activities, visits to attractions, and leisure time at shopping malls, it is hoped that students will enjoy a fun atmosphere and foster a spirit of cooperation and cultural diversity in Malaysia.

In conclusion, UMPSA reaffirms its commitment to providing a student-friendly learning environment for international students and further strengthening the relationship between students from various countries and the local community on campus.

By: Muhammad Zufli Zuhari, Centre for International Relations

Edited by: Nadira Hana Ab Hamid, Faculty of Manufacturing and Mechatronic Engineering Technology

Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri