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Cracking The Code Of Interview Success: A Global Classroom Initiative

In an effort to improve student employability, the Centre for Modern Languages (CML), Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA), under the initiative of Global Classroom, Centre for Instructional Resources & E-Learning (CIReL), hosted a ground-breaking webinar called “Crafting Your Narrative: Communicative Strategies for Interview Excellence.” More than 60 undergraduate students eager to learn effective interviewing skills attended this insightful workshop presented by Dr. Craig J. Selby, the renowned Academic Director of The Third Degree.

This programme was spearheaded by Associate Profesor Dr. Zuraina and Hanisah Kasbon of the Center for Modern Languages. Their careful preparation was intended to give undergraduate students a complete manual that would show them tips and tricks for navigating the complexities of job interviews.

Expert in scholarly circles, Dr. Selby discussed the essential components of communication strategies that have a significant influence on interview results. He clarified the qualities that, above and beyond the traditional qualification checklist, set recent graduates apart from the competition for potential employers.

Emphasising potential over proficiency was one of the webinar’s main lessons. Dr. Selby highlighted that companies look for applicants who can grow with the organisation, gain new skills, and adapt, as opposed to those who only fulfil requirements. In any professional setting, the value of professionalism, timeliness, and politeness during the interview process was emphasised as essential traits that create a lasting impression.

A further emphasis area that evolved was understanding the industry and the particular company. Remarkable enthusiasm for the company and industry is crucial as it can make a big difference in the interviewer’s opinion of the applicant.

Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are crucial for making applicants stand out. Candidates who demonstrate their capacity to make informed decisions and evaluate data are highly valued by employers as they demonstrate their potential to make significant contributions to the company.

Fitting into the company culture and being a team player were also noted as highly appreciated attributes. Employers see candidates favourably who possess great interpersonal skills and the adaptability to fit in with the team’s working style.

Dr. Selby asserted that a desired quality that might distinguish applicants is leadership potential. Employers notice people who have been shown to be excellent team leaders and conflict resolvers because they see the potential for these individuals to have a beneficial impact on the business as a whole.

Dr. Selby’s knowledge shed light on the hidden characteristics that genuinely set a candidate apart in a crowded employment market, in addition to the obvious credentials. The webinar, which was a component of CIReL’s Global Classroom programme, gave participants access to a plethora of knowledge that went beyond the standard interview guidelines. 

Cracking The Code Of Interview Success:  A Global Classroom Initiative

After the programme, participants gained knowledge about critical thinking, flexibility, cultural fit, and leadership potential. These insights will help them to traverse the professional world with assurance. The Global Classroom project remains a crucial tool in forming the future workforce by promoting comprehensive and well-rounded professional development through events like this webinar.

Ultimately, it can be said that the recent webinar organised by CIReL has been crucial in influencing the way students perceive their employability. Adaptability, professionalism, industry knowledge, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and leadership potential are among the critical qualities, as highlighted by the event’s main lesson. 

These traits offer students a competitive edge in the employment market, going beyond simply meeting requirements. This webinar, which is a component of the Global Classroom programme, demonstrates CIReL’s dedication to supporting well-rounded professional development by providing participants with a wide range of skills necessary for success in the workplace, in addition to interview techniques.

The writers are the Senior Lecturers from the Centre for Modern Languages, Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA)

By: Associate Profesor Dr. Zuraina Ali and Hanisah Bon (KASBON)

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Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri