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‘Jom Masuk U 2024’ East Zone II: A Top Destination for School Holidays

GAMBANG, 1 June 2024 – ‘Jom Masuk U 2024’ East Zone II Carnival held at Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) has become a gathering place for various higher education institutions in Malaysia, both public and private. 

This year's ‘Jom Masuk U’ Carnival featured 64 booths, complemented by UMPSA's Open Day and the National TVET Day.

School holidays are a highly anticipated time for students. 

This is because, during school holidays, they can participate in various activities and spend time with their families. 

This atmosphere can be seen and felt at the ‘Jom Masuk U’ Carnival, with hundreds of students attending the carnival with their families.

This time, the carnival provided exciting initiatives and offered secondary school students the opportunity to explore various higher institutions in Malaysia.

Additionally, they could obtain accurate information about the courses and programs available. 

The exciting and engaging activities offered also attracted students and their families, to attend the carnival and to spend their school holidays together there. 

The presence of UMPSA staff and their families added even more energy to the carnival.

Many staff members brought their children, especially those on school holidays or who had just completed their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations.

According to Erma Yanti Zakaria from the Centre for Modern Languages (CML), besides her duties at the carnival, she brought her family to give exposure to her five children who are still in school, about the higher education institutions in Malaysia and the various courses and programs available, both domestically and abroad. 

‘Jom Masuk U 2024’ East Zone II: A Top Destination for School Holidays

"I hope my children gain broader exposure because they can meet and get detailed information directly from the right sources," she said.

Nur Najwa Athirah, who recently finished her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) at Sekolah Sains Haji Ahmad Shah (SHAH) Pekan, claims that she attended the ‘Jom Masuk U’ Carnival in order to gather more information about higher education institutions and to share the information with her friends who were unable to attend the carnival.

On the other hand, Muhammad Sabri from Maahad Tahfiz Darul Ulum Al-Basriyyah, attended the carnival with his mother and siblings. 

He wanted to get information that could assist him in making the best choice that aligns with his interests.

Muhammad Sabri is an excellent student who recently achieved 11As in his SPM. 

In addition, Nor Ashikin Sulaiman, the Administrative Officer at UMPSA, went to the carnival with her children in order to provide exposure to her son, Muhammad Thaqief Uwaise Ahmad Khairul Ariffin, who is currently in Form 4 at Kolej Permata Pintar, to the various courses and options that are available for his future higher education. 

"I hope my children can make early plans and be better prepared for the future,” she said. 

“To sum up, ‘Jom Masuk U’ carnival is undoubtedly an attractive initiative to provide students with opportunities to make better decisions about higher institutions that suit their interests and goals. 

"Overall, students not only gain information to further their education but also make the most of their school holidays with their families," Nor Ashikin said. 

‘Jom Masuk U 2024’ East Zone II: A Top Destination for School Holidays

Various exciting activities were offered throughout ‘Jom Masuk U’ carnival, such as Campus Tour@UMPSA, Street Science performances, Entrepreneurship Carnival, drone demonstrations, and the chance to meet social media influencers known as Amin x Abid.

By: Jamilah Bebe Mohamad And Siti Ainun Jariyah Hassan, Centre For Modern Languages

Reports by:
Siti Nurfarmy binti Ibrahim