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Centre for Modern Languages organise EKSA Week

PEKAN, 24 July 2023 - In line with the university’s efforts and commitment to a sustainable and environmentally friendly campus approach, the Centre for Modern Languages (CML), Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) organised a Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem Week (EKSA) on 24 to 28 July.

EKSA, launched in January 2014 as a rebranding of 5S practices in the public sector, aims to highlight a quality and conducive workplace environment while reinforcing a high-performance and innovative organisational culture.

Various activities were carried out: Grand Communal Work, CML Recycling Day, Knowledge Sharing Session, EKSA Mini-Competition and Innovation Exhibition.

The programme began with the two-day Communal Work activity involving all CML staff at both the Pekan and Gambang campuses.

This communal work focused on the housekeeping and disposal of goods and documents in the office programme tool store, the main office space, and the teaching and learning document storage store at CML.

This activity was led by Nurul Syazwani Aziz (Pekan) and Suriayati Mohd Sidek (Gambang Campus) and monitored by CML EKSA Coordinator Hanisah Bon (Kasbon) who is also a Language Teacher at CML.

Meanwhile, on the third day, the programme continued with the 2023 CML Recycling Day activity.

Recycling Day is an important day in the effort to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and environmentally friendly practices.

From the communal work activity, collection of recycled materials such as paper, plastics and metals was successfully implemented and disposal methods were carried out according to established guidelines.

The collection and disposal of recycled materials activity ended at 4:30 p.m. with a collection of more than RM200.00 for the sale of recycled goods carried out at the Pekan CML building.

Furthermore, the 2023 CML EKSA Week Programme was graced by the presence of an inspirational voice from Borneo, Assistant Administrative Officer cum Auditor of the EKSA Main Committee of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Erwin Rusfian Haji Rukkung as the guest speaker for the ‘Jom Budaya EKSA‘ Knowledge Sharing Session.

The sharing involved six main components under the cluster of Social Components A to F (Public Institute of Higher Education), namely Key Requirements for Implementation, Workspaces and Workplaces, Public Places, Surrounding Safety, Departmental Surrounding Areas and Special Places.

The online knowledge sharing session was seen to provide exposure to participants regarding the EKSA evaluation mechanism.

During the 2023 CML EKSA Week, CML staff were also involved in interesting EKSA Mini-Competitions.

Five competitions were held, namely the Best Room, Best Workspace, Best Creativity Outcome for the Individual category and the Best Zone and Best Green Practice Award for the Group category.

The evaluation of this competition was conducted by the CML EKSA Audit Committee led by Nurul Nadia Muhammad.

For the Best Creativity Outcome category, five participants exhibited their creativity in an Innovation Exhibition held on 28 July 2023 at CML Pekan Campus.

Three judges were invited to evaluate, namely the Dean of CML, Associate Professor Dr. Nik Aloesnita Nik Mohd Alwi, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Dr. Wan Jumani Fauzi and the Head of the Language Support Services Unit, Dr. Ezihaslinda Ngah.

According to the CML EKSA Advisor, Nor Ashikin Sulaiman, such a programme should be organised in the future to increase staff awareness of the roles and responsibilities in the cultivation of EKSA, promote a culture of innovation, and provide space to express creative ideas in the delivery of public services.

“Hopefully, the 2023 CML EKSA Week brings inspiration, motivation, and competitive spirit among CML staff to continue to strive to improve their quality and performance in the implementation of EKSA at CML, UMPSA,” she said.

By: Muhamad Aizat Zulkifli, Hanisah Bon (Kasbon) and Nurul Nadia Muhammad

Translation by: Dr.  Rozaimi  Abu  Samah, Faculty   of  Chemical  and Process Engineering Technology

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