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UMPSA and Babaker Iftar Ceremony introduces cultural diversity

PEKAN, 26 March 2024 – Babaker organised an Iftar Ceremony with international students of Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) from Yemen, Jordan and Syria at Babaker Hostel, Jalan Tegak.
The ceremony was a continuation of Babaker’s efforts in strengthening friendly relations between UMPSA, staff and international students.

Babaker is a strategic partner of the Centre for International Relations, UMPSA in international student scholarship management.

According to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni), Professor Ts. Dr. Mohd. Rusllim Mohamed, the ceremony aimed to bring together UMPSA international students.

UMPSA and Babaker Iftar Ceremony introduces cultural diversity

Among the activities carried out were a greet and meet session with students and the distribution of local kuih raya by the Centre for International Relations to enliven the atmosphere of iftar.

In the spirit of celebrating this glorious month, various types of packaged local kuih raya were given including pineapple tarts, chocolate chips, Nutella buttons, triple chocolate and strawberry buttercookies.

The dish prepared by Babaker was also mouthwatering, namely Arabic rice with goat and chicken served in trays.

Also present were the Director of the Centre for International Relations, Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Azmir Mohd Azhari, staff of the Centre for International Relations and the Student Affairs and Alumni Department who also participated in establishing close relations with Babaker.

The event was hoped to be a turning point towards a partnership between Babaker and the university to continue to strengthen harmonious relations between international students and provide meaningful and valuable experiences in their study journey in Malaysia.

By: Muhammad Zufli Zuhari, Centre for International Relations
Translation by: Dr.  Rozaimi  Abu  Samah, Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology

Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri