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UMP nurtures the culture of entrepreneurship among staff and students

The Centre of Entrepreneurship (MyPACE) and Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM) organised a workshop - UMP Entrepreneur Incubator and Ecosystem Development Programme - which was held in Kemaman, Terengganu on April 1, 2019.

It was part of the efforts taken to realise the Institutes of Higher Learning Entrepreneurial Action Plan 2016-2020 that aimed at generating human capital through entrepreneurial activities.

The workshop was attended by UMP staff and the objective was to provide exposure and to learn about efficient planning and implementation on creating a conducive and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

According to Chief Operation Officer and FIM Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Darun, the teaching staff were shown business applications that had been implemented by other countries.

“They also got to experience the practical aspect of the incubator technique.

“The workshop is seen as a medium that can open up opportunities for the teaching staff as well as university students to enhance their understanding and business skill and to benefit from the knowledge gained.

“This, when handled and managed efficiently, can help towards the development of the country’s economy. 

“At the same time, the aspect of entrepreneurship was also seen as fulfilling some of the objectives outlined in the university’s main agenda and was in line with the message contained in the Vice-Chancellor’s Speech 2019 – ‘Celebrating Success, Engaging Industry and Enriching Entrepreneurship’,” he added.

The speaker invited for the workshop was Director of Incubator, School of Business and Management, Bandung Technology Institute, Indonesia’s Dr. Dina Dellyana, a renowned speaker in the field of ‘Model Innovation, SME Development, Business Incubator and Social Media and e-Commerce for SMEs.

In her presentation, Dr. Dina suggested that acculturation of entrepreneurship should be executed through seminars, exhibitions, competitions and conferences which would enhance public awareness on the matter and help instil interest among students.

“It is also equally important to have a strong support system at the start-up stage, obtain knowledge and take the initiative to foster good ties with investors.

“In fact, participants get to learn how to execute an idea right up to making it a successful project or product, and learn the means to form a sound management team. By having an application system, it can help monitor one’s progress,” said Dr. Dina.

Also present at the workshop were UMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim, UMP Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Tuan Syed Mohamad Hamzah Al-Junid  Syed Abdul Rahman, MyPACE Director, Abdul Syukor Abd. Razak and Centre of Information Technology and Communication Director, Dr. Mohamed Ariff Ameeden.

Some 1,000 undergraduates who took the UGE2002 Technopreneurship course also benefitted from the entrepreneurial programme that was held both at UMP campuses.

By: Siti Nurfarmy Ibrahim, Corporate Communication Division

Reports by:
Siti Nurfarmy binti Ibrahim