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20 postgraduate students lead the new leadership of UMPSA PGA

KUANTAN, 5 April 2024 – A total of 20 postgraduate students from Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) have been appointed and entrusted to lead the new leadership of the UMPSA Postgraduate Association (PGA) in 2024. 

The appointments were made official during the UMPSA PGA Certificate of Appointment Ceremony, held at the Swiss-Belhotel in Kuantan, which was presided over by the Dean of Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS), Professor Ts. Dr. Che Ku Mohammad Faizal Che Ku Yahya.

Also present were the Deans of the faculties.

According to the Dean of IPS, the PGA plays a significant role as a bridge between postgraduate students and IPS, with an important responsibility in helping to achieve the university's vision and mission since its inception in 2016.

"I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the leaders of the UMPSA PGA and the postgraduate students who have played an active role in organizing various joint programmes and activities that can strengthen brotherhood and improve the holistic learning experience among the UMPSA postgraduate community.

"I am also very pleased to see the commitment given by each UMPSA PGA leaders and postgraduate student in taking steps to implement various programmes and activities involving postgraduate students, including community service programmes.

"The implementation of activities organized by the UMPSA PGA is indeed beneficial and has a positive impact on the postgraduate students involved," he said.

He added that through the organized programmes, the students have the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and expand their social network.

"In addition, it also helps in the formation of cooperative attitudes and communication skills among students, which are important aspects in their development as holistic and highly competitive individuals," he said.

He also congratulated the new leadership line which will be led by Mohammad Hafeez Md Ramli as the President of UMPSA PGA in 2024.

He hoped that the newly appointed PGA leadership would be able to shoulder the trust given to them and be able to carry out their responsibilities well in helping to raise this university to a higher level in line with the new branding of UMPSA. 

20 postgraduate students lead the new leadership of UMPSA PGA

He also expressed his utmost appreciation and gratitude to the UMPSA PGA leadership of 2023 who have shouldered the trust and responsibility well and achieved excellent results by organizing various impactful activities and programmes throughout the past year.

At the same time, he also thanked all parties, especially the faculty and academic centre, for their commitment and cooperation in supporting the activities of postgraduate students at UMPSA.

He said UMPSA students are small ambassadors for the university and bring a positive image of the university through their contributions in various fields.

"Their active involvement is in line with the university's mission to produce graduates who are not only academically excellent but also active in community development.

"Through the activities carried out, the UMPSA students not only enrich their own experience but also develop important interpersonal skills that are crucial in professional and social life," he said.

By: Nur Ainaa Adhreena Muhamad Shukri, Institute of Postgraduate Studies
Translation by: Aminatul Nor Mohamed Said, UMPSA Career Centre (UMPSACC)

Reports by:
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