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UMPSA enrollment using university’s transportation

GAMBANG, 30 September 2023 - A grandmother's dream came true when she got to send her grandchild to register at the University Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) as UMPSA came to her house in Sanglang, Kedah, to take them to Kuantan, Pahang.

Che Su Saad, 70, said it felt like a dream when she could accompany her grandson, Muhammad Zahir Hilmi Zamri, 19, who is about to pursue his studies in the Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Industrial Automation program. Initially, Zahir had planned to take the bus alone, considering the high costs.

"Since I heard the news that Zahir got accepted to study at UMPSA, my heart was filled with joy and worry.

"I couldn't bear to let Zahir take the bus alone to register.

"Furthermore, we have never set foot in Pahang ourselves, and we have no relatives there," she said.

So, day and night, she prayed and expressed gratitude in her prayers, hoping that everything would go smoothly.

Until one day, Zahir informed her that UMPSA would come to Kedah to assist him register.

Initially, she was still skeptical about the invitation, and even the villagers were surprised by the transportation service provided by UMPSA.

When the promised time arrived, which was on Friday, UMPSA visited them, bringing the three of them, including Zahir and his mother, Rosemariani Yen, to Kuantan.

Zahir's mother, Rosemariani, expressed her gratitude to UMPSA, not only for fetching and sending them back to Kedah but also for providing accommodation while waiting for the registration day.

Zahir, when interviewed, also expressed his gratitude for being able to continue his studies at UMPSA.

UMPSA enrollment using university’s transportation

"Thanks to my grandmother, mother, father, and his uncle, who have sacrificed so much for my future.

"This sacrifice is meaningful and inspiring for me to continue my studies at UMPSA.

"I also want to express my gratitude to UMPSA for being very concerned about the welfare of students, no matter where they are," he said.

Zahir is among the few students assisted by the Department of Student and Alumni Affairs (JHEPA) in supporting new students during the recent registration day.

By: Nor Salwana Mohamad Idris, Centre For Corporate Communications

Translation by: Aminatul Nor Mohamed Said, UMP Career Centre (UMPCC)

Reports by:
Nor Salwana bt Hj Mohammad Idris