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41 UMPSA students receive Excellence Awards from the Chinese Ambassador

GAMBANG, 1 November 2023 - A total of 41 students from the Dual Degree Programme at Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA), in collaboration with Beijing Jiatong University (BJTU) and Tianjin University (TJU), received excellence awards from the Chinese Ambassador today.

Those selected include students enrolled in the UMPSA dual degree programme with BJTU, TJU, the UMPSA Foundation programme, and students participating in mobility programmes in China.

Present at the event were the Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, Zhao Changtao, and the Vice-Chancellor of UMPSA, Professor Datoโ€™ Ts. Dr. Yuserrie Zainuddin.

41 UMPSA students receive Excellence Awards from the Chinese Ambassador

Also beheld were the Attachรฉ of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, Zhang Tian, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs), Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Ahmad Ziad Sulaiman, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Professor Dr. Kamal Zuhairi Zamli, and UMPSA Treasurer, Datoโ€™ Zainuddin Othman.

In consonance with Professor Datoโ€™ Ts. Dr. Yuserrie, the dual degree programme will mark a historic collaboration between UMPSA and BJTU and the latest with TJU to strengthen strategic cooperation in enhancing technical skills and opening up far-reaching opportunities for the university's academic development.

"The university appreciates the Chinese Ambassador's excellence award contribution of RM65,000 to 41 outstanding UMPSA students, including Dual Degree Programme students from UMPSA-BJTU and TJU, Foundation programme students who excelled in SPM, students with a CGPA of 3.5, and those participating in mobility programmes in China this year.

"Until now, a total of 70 UMPSA students are studying at BJTU in the fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering," he said.

Concurrently, according to Zhao Changtao, they appreciate UMPSA's commitment to the success of this collaboration programme, and as a token of their appreciation, they provide contributions for the students endured in this programme.

"UMPSA is a renowned technical university in Malaysia, and many engineers and technical talents have been nurtured here.

"UMPSA has also established collaborations with many prestigious universities in China," he said during the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Award Ceremony.

The programme is a joint initiative of the Centre for Academic Strategic Collaboration (PKSA) and the Confucius Institute in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

Not to mention, UMPSA has also established collaborations with three TVET institutions in China, namely Hebei Petroleum University of Technology, Hebei Software Institute, and Shijiazhuang Institute of Railway Technology.

By: Mimi Rabita Haji Abdul Wahit, Centre for Corporate Communications

Translation by: Aminatul Nor Mohamed Said, UMPSA Career Centre (UMPCC)

Reports by:
Mimi Rabita binti Abd Wahit