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TVET Courses Go Global: FTKKP’s Global Classroom Welcomes Sanden Corporation Japan’s Expert on Sustainable Lubrication Solutions for Industry

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is taking TVET courses to new heights through its Global Classroom initiative. Faculty of Engineering Technology Chemical and Process (FTKKP) recently hosted Mr. Ando Satoshi, an expert from Sanden Corporation Japan, who delivered a talk on sustainable lubrication solutions for the industry.

The Course Coordinator Ts. Dr. Azizul Helmi focused on Alignment and Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM), generating student excitement. This course was conducted under the Bachelor of Technology in Oil and Gas Facilities Maintenance Program (BVF), FTKKP.

FTKKP’s Global Classroom initiative provides students with global perspectives and real-world experiences. UMP aims to bridge academia and industry by inviting industry experts and equipping students for the global workforce.

TVET Courses Go Global: FTKKP’s Global Classroom Welcomes Sanden Corporation Japan’s Expert on Sustainable Lubrication Solutions for Industry

Mr. Ando Satoshi, representing Sanden Corporation Japan, shared his extensive expertise during the Global Classroom session. Mr. Satoshi’s talk was highly anticipated as an authority on lubrication solutions. He provided insights into sustainable lubrication practices and their applications across industries, offering a unique learning experience. The talk highlighted the importance of sustainable lubrication solutions for optimal machinery performance, energy efficiency, and extended lifespan. By adopting these solutions, industries can reduce waste and minimise downtime, enhancing productivity. Mr. Satoshi showcased the latest advancements and best practices in the field, enriching students’ understanding of industry demands and trends.

The topic seamlessly aligned with BVF’s courses focus on Alignment and CBM, emphasising real-time data and monitoring techniques to address machinery issues proactively. Integrating lubrication knowledge of CBM strategies gave students comprehensive insights into optimising performance and preventing costly downtime. Beyond the classroom, UMP’s Global Classroom programme offers numerous benefits. It broadens students’ perspectives, exposes them to global industry practices, and enhances cultural intelligence. Direct interaction with industry professionals allows students to build valuable networks and explore future collaborations or employment opportunities.

According to Muhammad Afif, a year three student, this talk broadened his view on the latest lubrication technology and improved his communication skills with foreign counterparts.

UMP’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education aligns with the Global Classroom initiative. Mr. Ando Satoshi’s talk on sustainable lubrication solutions further enriched the students’ learning experience, solidifying UMP’s position in TVET education. UMP empowers students to become global citizens equipped for successful careers by embracing global learning opportunities. The Global Classroom initiative exemplifies UMP’s dedication to nurturing future industry leaders.

Ts. Dr. Azizul Helmi Sofian
Ts. Dr. Azizul Helmi Sofian

The writer is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology (FTKKP), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP).


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